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Luminous Wisdom Meditation Retreat Center- Los Gatos

Our meditation retreat center is on 45 acre beautiful redwood forests with two running creeks including the Amaya Creek. We are very fortunate to have abundant of water from a natural spring. 
Our facility includes:
- Two large houses
- Small meditation hall
- A large fenced garden
- Campground down with capacity of up to 200 people
- Outdoor amphitheater
- Small retreat cabins
- Large glamping tents
- 20 campsites up to 6 people each
- 1 large group campsite up to 15 people
- Bathrooms with hot water
- Staff kitchen and outdoor grill by the creek
- Private hiking trails
Main House Shangri-La
Guest Suite Zen U1
Guest Suite Jhana L1
Staff Suite L2
Guest House Duplex
Small Retreat Cabin 1

Small Retreat Cabin 2

Small Retreat Cabin 3

Glamping Tent 1

Glamping Tent 2


20 Campsites

Outdoor Amphitheater

TH house.jpg
MH window R.jpg
CG rain tent.jpg
TH amphitheater.jpg
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