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Luminous Wisdom Meditation Retreat Center

LWM Retreat Center Work Retreat/Study Program

Our meditation retreat center started in Jan 2020 on beautiful 45 acre of redwood forest with creeks and small waterfall. Only 30 min to the center of Silicon Valley (Apple and Google), 30 min to the beach, and 1 hour to San Francisco. 

We have opportunities for Buddhist practitioners to join our community to help build our retreat center while learn and practice Buddhism, enjoy the nature, meet interesting people, and explore nearby cities in the area include visiting Apple/Google campus, state parks and beach.

We are of Tibetan Buddhism Nyingma Lineage and our teachers are from the largest Buddhist Institute in the world - Larung Gar Buddhist Academy (in Tibet), including Vice President Khenpo Tsultrim Lodro and Khenpo Sodargye.

  • We have a core sangha of about 100 local serious Buddhist meditation practitioners in a 9 year program taught by Khenpo Tsultrim Lodro. 

  • Meditation practitioners of all Buddhist traditions are welcomed. 

  • Monastics are very welcomed and we will have program for monastics.






  • Cleaning of the house and campground facilities.

  • Regular maintenance needed for the 45 acre property with a campground.

  • Light construction, if you don't have the skills, work under guidance.​

  • Kitchen work including cooking and dishes etc.



  • Advanced Buddhist Meditation Program including Ngondro for those who are interested

  • While all our normal classes are online now due to COVID we try to provide onsite teachings to the Work Study Program as condition allows.

  • Daily meditations

  • Self retreat is ok 



  • Private living space, mostly trailers, 1-2 small room in the house.

  • Shared bathroom with hot water shower and kitchen. 

  • WiFi in the small library.

  • Washer and dryer.

  • We provide vegetarian food. 

  • The cell phone reception is pretty good at the house library area, somewhat weaker down at the campground area.




As precepts are the foundation of meditation, everyone at our retreat center needs to follow the five Buddhist precepts:

  • Refrain from killing.

  • Refrain from stealing, taking what is not given.

  • Refrain from sexual misconduct (including sexual harassment). 

  • Refrain from lying.

  • Refrain from intoxicants that cloud the mind.

No drugs of any kind (including marijuana, e-cigs, vaping etc) , entheogenic (psychedelic/hallucinogenic) 'plant medicines' , or tobacco are allowed anywhere on the property. No alcohol is allowed during the stay here for the volunteers. Meditation is the training of the mind to gain insight and wisdom to see the truth so that we can attain freedom from sufferings, exactly the opposite of intoxication and impairment of the mind which in the short term may bring joyful delusions but in the longer term be even further away from the truth and causes more and deeper sufferings. We are very serious about these rules and we are not equipped to help people to quit addictions (we can only refer people to such programs). 

Due to the COVID situation, wearing mask is required when other people are around and mask will be provided when needed. 

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