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Luminous Wisdom Meditation Retreat Center

2023 Meditation Retreats

05/29/2023 Vajrasattva Retreat

10/28/2023 Mipham Terma Bury Retreat

2022 Meditation Retreats

06/20/2022 1-Week outdoor Youth Leadership Retreat

2020 - 2021 Closed due to Covid Pandemic

2019 Meditation Retreats

11/08/2019 Compassion Meditation Retreat


10/27/2019  Tara Practice Fulfillment of Wishes Retreat 

09/29/2019  Samadhi Meditation Retreat

08/31-09/02/2019 Path to Enlightenment Meditation Retreat

08/23-08/24/2019 Shamatha Meditation Retreat

08/23-08/24/2019 Shamatha Meditation Retreat

07/04/2019 Shamatha Meditation Retreat

06/16/2019 Vajrasattva Meditation Retreat by the lake at Bishop Ranch

02/16 - 02/18/2019 Guru Rinpoche's Practice Retreat in Mendocino by the Ocean

2018 Meditation Retreats

11/21-11/23/2018  Guru Rinpoche's Practice Retreat at Clearlake by Lakefront

07/15/2018 Shamatha Meditation Retreat at Los Altos Hills

06/22-06/24/2018 Shamatha Meditation Retreat at Los Altos Hilss

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