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慧灯禅修 - 北加州旧金山硅谷





2016班 周五7-9:30p

2017班 周四7-9:30p

2019班 周二7-9:30p

2024班 周日4-6:30p

读书会 周六4-6:00p

报名请联系, 408-476-0455 (圆利)



Khenpo Tsultrim Lodro

Khenpo Tsultrim Lodro is a venerable contemporary Nyingma teacher of Tibetan Buddhism based at Larung Gar, where he serves as a standing Vice Principal in charge of teaching for all the Tibetan monks and nuns, tens of thousand of them. Over the last two to three decades he has trained a large cohort of outstanding monastic students, many of whom are now teaching all around the world. 

Khenpo’s teachings is well structured and organized, easy to understand yet with profound meanings. Khenpo is really good at referring to scientific studies and examples, explaining arcane dharma theories using languages and terminologies modern people are familiar with, hence Khenpo is very popular among the intellectuals. Khenpo also put equal emphasis on both theories and practices, always coupled the explanation of theories with corresponding guidance for practices.

In terms of his own practice and realization, Khenpo started practicing the highest level of Nyingmapa tantra meditation since he was 24, and his practice achievements and realization were recognized and verified three times on a one by one basis personally by his master H.H. Jigme Phunstok Rinpoche, who founded the Larung Gar and passed away in 2004.

Khenpo also has many publications in Tibetan and Chinese, and some have been translated into English. Among all the publications, the 10-volume series "Luminous Wisdom" is acclaimed as a Buddhism masterpiece which can stand the test of time, from theory to practice, with rigorous sequencing, and encompassing both sutra and tantra in harmony. The content of the series is very practical, the language is concise yet penetrating, tailoring to the needs of the modern audience and practitioners, hence becoming widely accepted and very popular. 

LWM 2020 CN.jpeg

Since 1990 Khenpo took further research into western science, philosophy, psychology etc. In the last few years Khenpo has also responded to invitations to take part in academic dialogues and give talks at tertiary institutions including Harvard University, University of Oxford, Stanford University, UC Berkeley, Columbia University, George Washington University, University of Virginia, Toronto University, University of Auckland, University of Sydney and University of Melbourne. He has also accepted invitations from companies like Google and Apple to take part in activities alongside experts and scholars of science, philosophy and psychology to discuss topics central to science and Buddhism that probe the mysteries of life and mind. 


Google Talk - Khenpo Tsultrim Lodro & David Presti: "The Scientist & the Monk”

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