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Luminous Wisdom Meditation Retreat Center

Guest Suite Zen U1

Beautiful 800sf suite on the upper level with its own private entrance and front yard
Balcony with stunning view of the redwood forest, mountain and ocean in the distance
Space heater and fireplace.
Comcast Xfinity WiFi 400Mb. No TV
Natural spring water
45 acre redwood forest, campground, outdoor amphitheater, hiking trails, creeks, small waterfall, deer, turkey, owl
20 min to LG downtown, 25 min to Santa Cruz

The bedroom on the left side with fireplace shares a wall with the main house bedroom so you can hear sound from the other side and they can hear you too! So try to be quiet if use that bedroom, otherwise try to use the right side bedroom without shared wall.
Bring your own firewood, we have some firewood but may not enough.
Guest do dishes please! No visitors allowed.
If you wear high heels, please take off shoes indoor and wear slippers as people below hear it loudly.
The bedroom on the right side (with patio) doesn't share wall so quieter.
Each bedroom has a queen size bed.
NO A/C, only fans, please open the window to cool down.
The central heating is not very strong in this unit, space heater provided in winter.
The outdoor pingpong table is shared, it is located across the paved road under the trees.
The kitchen has beautiful cherry cabinet and granite countertop. No dishwasher!
The propane BBQ grill is in the back of the house with views of mountain.
We are in the rural mountains and woods so overall it is pretty rustic!
This can be the perfect getaway, especially for those who enjoy the nature, serenity, simplicity, sparkling creativity, contemplating spirituality, but not much for the materialistic luxury.
There is a garden growing veggies.
Our water is from a natural spring.
We have a main trail on our 45 acre. The head of the main trail is right by the red Main House, just follow the paved the road down and it will become dirt road. It's about 45min to 1hr hike down to the end where the Amaya creek serves the boundary to the neighbor's property. On the main trail there is also a small waterfall, but it is not visible from the trail, you have to go off the trail on the left side to find it. I put pink ribbon on the tree there, but at other spots too so may not be the best sign.
Enjoy hiking, creeks and small water fall exploration, mountain biking, wildlife viewing (deer, turkey, owl etc), star gazing, relaxation, meditation and more.
There is a private campground down with 10 min hike. don't drive down.
We can host weddings in the campground but it is a separate service. The house is in the residential area where we need to limit visitors for quietness and privacy of all residents there.

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