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Luminous Wisdom Meditation Retreat Center

Glamping Tent 1

Cozy 100sf, on a private lot with redwood trees in the back. Close to the bathrooms.

Large 200sf tent in the prime location, very close to the shared bathroom (hot water) and outdoor amphitheater, great views
Max 4 person
No drug/marijuana allowed
Only allow cat, no dog
No shoes allowed inside tent
Propane BBQ grill with 1 burner, picnic table
No electricity in the tent, bathrooms have electrical outlets
Washer(coined) dryer and sink in the utility shed
45 acre forest, hiking trails, creeks, waterfall, deer, turkey, owl
20 min to Los Gatos downtown, 25 min to Santa Cruz

Our trash and recycling capacity is limited, especially recycling, please try to take away recyclables​ and trash as much as possible.
The sofa is not a sofa bed, it is just a sofa.
Bedding, extra blankets and towels are provided.
There is a lock on the tent to lock the tent “door” zippers.
Bring your own lighting.
Bring your own cooking utensils and cooler (no refrigerator).
No WiFi in campground yet, still working on setting up WiFi.
Please take off your shoes going into the tent.

Our water is from a natural spring.
We are in the rural mountains and woods so overall it is pretty rustic!
It's tick season in the spring and summer, watch out for ticks and use protection (insect repellant) as needed.
We have a main trail on our 45 acre. The head of the main trail is right by the red Main House, just follow the paved the road down and it will become dirt road. It's about 45min to 1hr hike down to the end where the Amaya creek serves the boundary to the neighbor's property. On the main trail there is also a small waterfall, but it is not visible from the trail, you have to go off the trail on the left side to find it. I put pink ribbon on the tree there, but at other spots too so may not be the best sign.
Enjoy hiking, creeks and small water fall exploration, mountain biking, wildlife viewing (deer, turkey, owl etc), star gazing, relaxation, meditation and more.

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