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Luminous Wisdom Meditation Retreat Center

Retreat House Shangri-la

Spacious 1600sf Main House, shared wall with guest suite
Central heating only. Window A/C
in living room.
Stunning view of the forest, mountain and ocean in the distance
Comcast Xfinity WiFi 400Mb. Large TV 
Natural spring water
Relax in forest, hiking trails, creeks, small waterfall, campground, outdoor amphitheater, deer, turkey, owl
20 min to Los Gatos downtown, 25 min to Santa Cruz

This is the main house which shares wall with a separate smaller guest unit and the onsite staff unit below with their own entrances.
The bedroom with king size bed shares wall and can hear noise from other side, the loft bedroom with queen size bed doesn't have any shared wall and is very quiet and private so please use this bedroom if concerned with the noise disturbance.
The washer/dryer is shared with one other guest suite.
This is an old rustic house in the woods, not a luxurious modern house.
This is a retreat center so there are people onsite including our staff.
The outdoor pingpong table is shared, it is located across the paved road under the trees.
There is a private drive way, half open garage and workshop area leading to the door to this unit. There is a BBQ grill in the yard there.
We are in the rural mountains and woods so overall it is pretty rustic! There is dirt right outside the house.
It's very quiet in the mountains, music which may not seem loud in the cities can be pretty loud here especially at night.
The TV doesn't have cable, but has a HDMI cable which can be connected to a Mac laptop. As a meditation retreat center, we were not sure if we want to provide cable TV yet.
One bedroom with brand new king bed.
Loft bedroom with one queen bed, one twin bed, and a floor twin mattress. The ladder to the loft bedroom is kind of steep so not suitable for very small kids or those who are too old.
There is an extra twin mattress to sleep on.
The living room is huge with a piano by the windows.
The bathroom is remodeled, shower only no tub.
The fireplace is fantastic in a cold winter night although the central heating keeps the house pretty warm.
There is a garden growing veggies.
Our water is from a natural spring.
This can be the perfect getaway, especially for those who enjoy the nature, quietness, serenity, simplicity, sparkling creativity, contemplating spirituality, but not much for the materialistic luxury.
The house was built with the redwood logged from this forest! The original cabinets and doors were custom made with these wood.
We have a main trail on our 45 acre. The head of the main trail is right by the red Main House, just follow the paved the road down and it will become dirt road. It's about 45min to 1hr hike down to the end where the Amaya creek serves the boundary to the neighbor's property. On the main trail there is also a small waterfall, but it is not visible from the trail, you have to go off the trail on the left side to find it. I put pink ribbon on the tree there, but at other spots too so may not be the best sign.
Enjoy hiking, creeks and small water fall exploration, mountain biking, wildlife viewing (deer, turkey, owl etc), star gazing, relaxation, meditation and more.
There is a private campground down with 10 min hike.
Easy commute to silicon valley companies (30 min to Apple) and fast Wifi allows working from home.
For restaurants, the closest is Soquel in the south and Los Gatos downtown in the north, or both around 20 min drive since we are in the mountains.
There is a Summit store where you can pick up groceries and enjoy an espresso bar, deli and sushi spot, which is only 10 min away at 24197 N Summit Rd, Los Gatos

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