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Luminous Wisdom Meditation Retreat Center

Guest Suite Sobriety L2

Sober Living Program

We offer a structured Sober Living Program following the Recovering Housing: Best Practices and Suggested Guidelines by SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) under the U.S. Department of Health & Human Service. Our goal is to help our client to not only stay free from drugs and alcohol but also establish healthy new habits, lifestyle and meaning of life so they can have a new and normal life.


All clients will be screened/interviewed prior to admissions. Clients will be closely monitored to ensure a clean and safe environment. The 12-step programs are required and provide long term recovery resources that an individual program may not be able to provided.


  • Mandatory random drug & alcohol testing

  • Alcohol monitor is strongly encouraged

  • 12-Step Meeting requirements

  • Daily meditation in the morning 8a and evening 9:30p

  • Daily physical exercise: hiking, jogging etc

  • Weekly meditation and Buddhism class

  • Cooking and eating healthy food

  • House Responsibilities - cleanings and chores

  • Must be productive with work, school, volunteer etc

  • Work with a sponsor for the 12-step program

  • One on one mentoring from religious leader

  • Managed by Program Manager and Assistant

  • Family related assistance program

  • Job referral and interview training

  • Referral to a network of community resources

  • Length of stay: 3-month commitment is required to graduate.

  • A Focus on “Life” Success as much as “Sobriety” Success

Phase 0

Only allowed to leave the property once a week for up to 3 hours

Phase 1

Curfew Times at 10p - 8a
Guest Suite Sobriety L2


Peaceful 800sf two bedroom one bathroom suite on the first floor of the retreat house with its own entrance from the fenced backyard.

The large bedroom (210sf)  has a queen size bed, desk, sofa, etc.

The small bedroom (80sf) has a full size bed, desk etc.

Full kitchen with gas stove, a refrigerator, toaster, coffee maker and cooking utensils. 

Propane BBQ grill with one side burner in the backyard. 

Comcast Xfinity WiFi 200Mb. 

Washer/dryer in the unit.

Gas fireplace in the living room.

Relax in the forest, hiking trails, creeks, small waterfall, campground, outdoor amphitheater, deer, turkey, owl

Easy commute 20 min to Los Gatos downtown, 25 min to Santa Cruz

No visitors allowed
It's very quiet in the mountains, music which may not seem loud in the cities can be pretty loud here especially at night.
Our water is from a natural spring.
We have a main trail on our 45 acre. The head of the main trail is right by the red Main House, just follow the paved the road down and it will become dirt road. It's about 45min to 1hr hike down to the end where the Amaya creek serves the boundary to the neighbor's property. On the main trail there is also a small waterfall, but it is not visible from the trail, you have to go off the trail on the left side to find it. I put pink ribbon on the tree there, but at other spots too so may not be the best sign.
Enjoy hiking, creeks and small water fall exploration, mountain biking, wildlife viewing (deer, turkey, owl etc), star gazing, relaxation, meditation and more.
There is a private campground down with 10 min hike.

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